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Visit our store at Century III Mall in West Mifflin, PA.

Cell Phone: 1 412 818 6558

Airbrush Art

Air Too Fly is a custom airbrush art studio in Pittsburgh with highly skilled artists who can turn your designs into a reality! From airbrush t-shirts to sneakers, skateboards, motorcycle parts, license plates and any type of helmet. If you can supply it, we can paint it!

Bring in a picture of whatever image you would like to have airbrushed and the surface that you would like to have it painted. If you don’t have either one, that’s fine too! Our staff will help scour the internet for images or pick a t-shirt for you from our inventory at one of our shops. We will then draw up the design to your liking, quote you a price and once everything is settled and you are comfortable with your new product, it will go into production. You can have a personalized produced airbrushed t-shirt made for you possibly in a matter of minutes (of course depending on the size, surface, etc…).




Pittsburgh Studio

Not only are we one of the very few airbrush studios in Pittsburgh but we are by far the longest standing airbrush business in the area. Air Too Fly custom airbrush shop is currently located in West Mifflin, PA inside of Century III Mall. Stop in today for a consultation with one of Pittsburgh's leading airbrush artists.

Airbrush T-Shirts

Some of Air Too Fly’s work can be seen throughout the city of Pittsburgh. Custom t-shirts, murals, banners in churches, sneakers, license plates, even driving down the road checking out customized motorcycles! You are sure to see our work around town! People who want their own masterpieces that are made to their standards and that fit their needs. Once you see our work you will never want that old school, store bought, everybody has one, anything again! Get in touch with your creative side and design something today!



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